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The Real Purpose Behind the HR Tech Awards Program

Q: What is the process for submitting an entry?  

A: Applicants must complete the entry form and submit it via the submission portal which securely collects contact information for each firm. Links and additional details included on the Submit page.


Q: Are my entries private and/or confidential? 

A: Yes, all entries are judged by individuals that have signed nondisclosure agreements preventing them from discussing anything they read or review during the awards judging process.


Q: Can I submit more than one entry? 

A: Yes, if you believe your technology has applications in more than one category you are welcome to submit in as many categories/subcategories as you like. Applicants may also create more than one entry for the same category if desired to share multiple customer case studies or use cases for the product. 


Q: How do I pay for my entries? 

A: Your entry must be paid upon submission of your entry form. Payments are collected securely via Stripe. Stripe is one of the world's largest and most secure payment processors. Visit stripe.com for additional details.  


Q: What are the limitations on usage of the awards badge if my company wins an award?

A: Unlike some other programs, we do not charge a license fee to use the awards badge on your website, social media channels, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

As such, you are welcome to use the badge on marketing materials, sales collateral, and other locations. Some winners even use a high-resolution version of the badge to include it on their event stands and booth designs!


Q: What are the judging criteria? 

A: Entries are judged on five key areas: 

  • - problem(s) the technology solves in the market
  • - case study
  • - differentiation analysis
  • - software evaluation
  • - company evaluation

 More information can be found in our entry form.

One tip from judges in previous years: include measurable results in your case study! This helps to stand out from other entries.


Q: Who judges entries? 

A: For obvious reasons, judges will remain anonymous to protect the independent judging process. Judges are drawn from industry positions (CXOs, talent leaders, and other business professionals), academia, and other relevant and independent subject matter experts.


Q: How many companies submit for the program?

A: In order to respect each company that submits, we do not list companies that do not win awards on the site. However, those firms receive information about how their entry could be improved for potential future submissions.

That said, dozens of companies enter the program each year hoping to have their investments in technology and service validated through the program, and every single winner receives helpful feedback on their "stand out" features from the perspective of our judging panel.

Other questions? For additional information on the HR Tech Awards program, please contact us at awards@lhra.io.

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